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First World Problems?

Dear Residents,


I am writing in respect to a few observations that I have made in the past couple of weeks. Posters and advertisements concerning specific groups on campus have been removed without consent or notice and virtually disappeared from the communal space.


University policy dictates that every student “has the right to work and study in an environment free from discrimination and harassment and should be treated with dignity and respect (Student Handbook, Pg. 69).” The removal of posters targeting groups on campus, for whatever reason, could be considered harassment and discrimination. I want to emphasize the commitment we made to each other, without objection, in our first community meeting—that we would be a community based on respect. The actions described above are disrespectful to the community here and at large.

Please refrain from removing anything posted on the bulletin boards, bathrooms, stalls, doors, etc. RAs on duty have the additional responsibility of removing outdated posters as they see them. Hence, under no circumstances should you feel inclined to do so.

Should this action happen again, under the guidelines of the Dean’s Office, the matter would be up for investigation under the Harassment & Discrimination policy enforcement outlined in the student handbook.

Thanks so much for your cooperation.

-Yet another RA just published an editorial in the student paper about slut shaming…Or I get beer cans thrown at me and a date at a Frat party and no one gets in trouble but me for not reporting it to the police vs the Director of Greek life…Or our Univ isnt carbon neutral…etc…but at least posters are protected (and last year no one cared that all the gay themed posters taken down?)! 

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